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In order to understand what God has to say about the role of men and women, we have to go back to the original languages that the Bible was written in.

The links Old Testament and New Testament below are going to expound upon these specific places in scripture.

Let’s get started 🙂 ……

Old Testament

New Testament

The teachings on the Slandered Apostle page are just some of the things that God has revealed to me. I will add to them as He permits. I also quote references from other sources that I have researched. I always use male authors as my sources so that there is never a discrepancy as far as women “seeing what they want to see” and also so no one can say that I quoted from women who “just didn’t like what they saw and wanted to change it”. God tells us to use wisdom in all things so that is why I made this decision.

There is much confusion about women and their place in the church due to purposeful mistranslation. This was done to not only hinder women in fulfilling the plan that God has for their lives, but it was also to undermine the power of the church by crippling half of the body of Christ. This plan is of the enemy. We must also keep in mind that when the English Bible that we have today was translated by King James that it was up to the discretion of the translators to determine what was the best translation to implement. We must also remember that in the 1600s that a woman’s role in society was not that much higher than a slave’s. A woman was owned by her father and then owned by her husband. Women had no power over their own possessions and often times no custody of their own children. Women also had no place in government or let alone in voting. Women were chattle. The status of women and the bias of the culture of the time surely influenced how the KJV Bible translators interpreted the Scriptures and implemented the English Bible.

There is a lot of arguing that goes on within the body of Christ and among fellow Christians whenever the issue of women and their role in the Church, the family, and marriage are discussed. Why is this? Why is there so much contention concerning whether women should be allowed to preach or teach or lead? Simple answer. The devil is afraid. He does not want half the body of Christ to realize their calling. He wants them to waste their anointing. It is the devil’s idea to limit the Church and thus squelch the preaching of the Gospel.

Why I Did This

I want to clarify something, my goal is not to change God’s Word. Let me say that again, my goal is not to change God’s Word in order to meet some sort of ulterior motive or agenda. My goal is to uncover God’s hidden truths that can only be revealed in the original Scriptural languages

Years ago as a young child, I was laying on my bed reading my Bible – the New Testament scriptures pertaining to women and how they were to be silent in the church and to be submissive – and I heard the Lord speak to me concerning these passages. He said to me as clearly as you are reading this “That’s not what it says” and He repeated it again. I felt as though He was showing me that what I was reading was not the truth – His truth. That somehow what I was reading in my language was not what was actually originally written.

I questioned if it was God but I continued to hear this when I would read these particular scriptures. I questioned within myself for sometime what it meant and the implications of telling someone such a thing. I felt as though questioning God’s Word was a sin but I never forgot what I heard. His words planted a seed in me to research; so as a teenager I began studying these passages in the original Greek and gathering information. I realized that what I had heard Him say to me years ago was being confirmed. I also realized that I was not the only one that He had shown this to, albeit the information was quite sparse.

I was doubtful to share these teachings as I stated above. The reason I felt now was the time was because of a Word that someone in my church gave me. I did not know this person and had never said more than a ‘hello’ to them. They knew nothing of the internal struggle and doubt that was going on inside my head concerning what I had found. I was afraid how people would respond to what I had to say. They were just being obedient to the Holy Spirit. This person came up to me during a Wednesday night service and said to me “There are gifts that God has given you and He is going to have you use them.” That was the confirmation that I needed to move forward with this.


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