The Offensive: Commanding Heaven’s Army and Ruling in the Spirit Realm


This book will show you how to operate in offensive spiritual warfare tactics. We are an army of the light called to pursue the darkness. The Lord is raising up an army who understands spiritual warfare. An army of spiritual huntsmen who are not afraid to pursue the enemies of God into the darkness. We can fight in the dark because we are the light. God wants His people to be unafraid to go into the unseen. In this Kingdom Age the Lord is bringing the prophetic seer gift to the forefront. Through this gift God exposes plots of the enemy that once went unseen. We are called to pursue and to overtake the darkness.

Available in both print and kindle.

Is God a Chauvinist?

Is God a chauvinist? Did Jesus start the Feminist movement? This is a book with straightforward answers and the facts to back it up. It doesn’t pull any punches. The writer explains how Christianity has changed since its inception to have an anti-woman agenda. Is the Christianity we follow today the same as what Jesus intended towards women? The chapters of this book delve into the centuries old lies and truths that have been buried by those with agendas.

Available in both print and kindle.