First Nations Must Go First

I received this prophetic word about the United States on May 27, 2023:

If you want the nation to succeed the First Nation shall go first. Everyone else second. The First Nations are the guardians of this land (the prophets) and the Europeans were the apostles. But they became twisted apostles who pushed their culture instead of Kingdom. For the men said, “Abraham had slaves let us do it also”. They misunderstood the assignment over the nation. I had laid the foundation of the prophet and the apostle.

I am the bird of your nation. The eagle is Me.

I heard a spirit of darkness say “Let us destroy the land of the prophets.”

Concerning First Nations people, “There is something in their bloodline that can take us across the finish line.”

I saw in heaven that the correct history of America has been recorded. For the Spirit of the Lord was in the woods when the white and those who you called “Indian” fought. You were not there when this history was being written so keep quiet. Do not pretend as though you know. The history that you know has already been redacted. It has been redacted by evil men. The young people of our time seek to rewrite history in their own image. Both conservative and liberal/woke fighting over history is like 2 dogs fighting over their vomit.

I saw our Republican Party. “If they know me, then why do they not have my Spirit?”. Those who call themselves gatekeepers of morality but they are not. They our out for selfish gain. This is why they do the things they do that cause confusion for the people. Do not follow the republicans because if they really knew Me and saw Me and my prophetic they would reject Me. If you follow them you will eventually reject Me also. Do not follow them because they are about to fall off a cliff and you do not want to fall off of it with them.

I saw 2 and then a third. These were ones in the GOP who know Me. They were weak. They were cowards. They did not have what it takes to fight against what is coming.

The evil in the party of the blue is no match for Me.

Do not put your hope in the red. And do not fear the blue.

The only hope is in the Lord. Only the Lord can save America.

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