My Dream about AOC

Last night I had a dream that I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and saw a headline about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez aka AOC. The headline said something to the effect of “She had tumor removed”. I saw a picture of her sitting in a hospital gown in a bed. She had just had surgery.

I didn’t read the article but I knew that she had what was thought to have only been a small tumor removed from her uterus. The tumor turned out to be an outlandish 178ft long coiled up tumor hiding inside of her. The tumor which everyone thought was small was coiled up like intestines so no one realized how large it was. Not even the doctors. It didn’t appear this large until the doctors went in and began to remove it. It was clearly not a natural tumor. The article seemed like the headline off of one of those fake newspapers, but I knew it was real. It shocked everyone.

AOC didn’t even really realize it was there. It didn’t make her sick. It was just growing inside of her subtlety without anyone’s notice even her own. Once the tumor was removed I felt that AOC was going to be fine.

I felt that the tumor was placed there by witchcraft. It was not a naturally caused tumor. It was like a seed that had been planted and that was growing and required extraction. I woke up thinking that this may have been planted by some witchcraft in her bloodline.

I believe this dream symbolizes that the evil plans that had been placed inside of her will be removed before she can give birth to them.

I feel like this dream is to help people because many are afraid of AOC’s agenda right now. They need to know God is going to handle it and expose it by bringing it to light. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a headline uncovering the plan that the enemy had given to her.

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