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The Junia Call


The Junia Call

Giving prophetic words is not something I do often. I have only done so a few times in the past. I wrote down what the Lord gave me the best I could. Junia was one of the Apostles listed in Romans 16:7. The gender of her name was changed sometime around the 12th century to Junias – a male name. I believe this word is for a generation. The name Junia means “young”. I believe that the Lord is restoring women to the days of their youth when they were first called.

Prophetic word:

There have been women who have missed their call to ministry by 20 years because they were told that they were disqualified. They were lied to. They were told that women were not to possess this office. You were lied to by the enemy who hates you and seeks to harm Me. The enemy sought to disrupt and hinder my church by teaching My women that they are not to minister unto me. The enemy sought to silence Me through you. I am their rewarder and their inheritance. I am the one who validates you! Says the Lord. I am your restorer and your portion. No longer will My women be enslaved by the doctrines of men! I have come to set them free. 

God is not angry with you! No longer will you be deceived. I am here waiting for you to pick up your mantle that I have for you so you can serve Me. As Junia was hidden in the Scriptures, you also have been hidden. 

God is not one dimensional and did not create women to function in only one office. God did not just call women to one thing. He called women to follow Him and His call. Follow My call.

In the end time harvest, My church needs an army. Promoting women to ministry for the sheer sake of having women in numbers is not of Me either. They must have a calling. However, people need not worry about where the female ministers will come from. They will come from the north, south, east, and west. Affirm them and their calling and they will come!


Received on 7/16/19

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