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Skewed Perspective



adverb, adjective

1. to one side; out of line; in a crooked position; awry:
2. with disapproval, scorn, contempt, etc.; disdainfully:
3. crooked; awry:

An Askew Generation

Something that the Lord has brought to my attention is that the enemy is trying to make an askew generation. What is an askew generation? It is a generation that is angry and disjointed. This is an attempt to undermine the work that the Lord is doing among the young people of our time. It is an attempt to blind them – to deceive them. It is a plan to rob them of all their blood bought blessings. The Lord has placed us in a time in which we have more opportunity than any others who came before us. We are living the dream that many of our ancestors sought, hoped and prayed for. We are living the vision of a past generation, but we do not see it. We are living the life that they prayed into our reality. This attack is a direct aim to steal the blessings from this generation all that God has provided. All we see is what is wrong around us. Young people are angrier than ever, less content than ever and more stressed than ever. They feel as though they have no opportunity in life despite having more opportunity than any other previous generation. It is a deception – a lie. It is the plan of the enemy to create within us a skewed perception – a false reality that is of his own making.

How is this being done? The enemy uses politics, professors, hashtags and angry conversations to fuel anger, resentment and contempt. If he can keep us distracted, then he can keep us from seeing what God is doing and the blessings that He is constantly supplying. That will also keep us divided and from uniting in Christ as His one body.

What is happening in politics right has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with a skewed perspective. It is not Democrat vs. Republican – it skewed vision vs. accurate perception. It is the goal of the enemy to blind this generation and to use them as tools to advance his kingdom. It is to blind people to what God is doing and to only see what the adversary is doing. The enemy wants to bring a cloud of distraction against this generation. It is like a charade or a party trick where a magician diverts your eyes to see what is in his hand so that you do not notice the action going on all around him. This not only distracts you, but also simultaneously robs you of God’s direction and input.

What does this do to a generation? It makes them spiritually weak and needy while simultaneously unaware of their own condition. It causes them to be void of wisdom because a skewed vision cannot accurately see God. A skewed perspective can only see their own perceptions because when your vision is crooked you can only filter the world through yourself. In essence, it makes someone who can only see the world through the filter of their own flesh, thoughts and opinions.

God wants us to live in His dimension. He does not want us to live life “through the looking glass”. By “through the looking glass” I mean an alternate perspective or reality that the enemy has created as a distraction. It is an escape that makes us feel justified and satisfied in and by our own ways of thinking; it is saying that our own options are right without the counsel of God’s input.

How do we obtain the perspective of Christ? By declaring Jesus’ perspective and mindset over ourselves. We must ask God to reveal to us areas in which the enemy seeks to deceive us and ask Him to fix it. When we do this we will find our own ideas challenged by the Spirit of Christ and our minds being renewed. As we speak literally “grace, grace” over our situation, we will see Jesus moving on our behalf and tearing down false ideas, perspectives and realities. Part of the Christian life is a life where our own mindsets and beliefs are challenged. Having your own beliefs challenged can be painful, but it is part of the beautiful pruning process of Jesus who loves us more than anything. He will always tear down anything that tries to block or hinder our success, blessing and relationship with Him.

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