Esther: a Foreshadowing of Christ


I want to address something that we often miss in our search for Jesus in the Scriptures. We are all aware of Abraham, Joseph and David being a type of Christ in the Bible. Many, however, overlook the women of the Word. Many do not realize that these women – like their male counterparts – represent a foreshadowing of Christ.

What we have forgotten is that God is not a man but rather He came as one. God could have come in any form that He chose. He can display His majesty, characteristics, thoughts and bravery through any vessel of His choice. Christ can represent Himself typified as a woman. A woman is made in the image of God just as man is.

Genesis 1:27

“So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

I was listening to a minister preach on Christ-figures in the Bible. As I heard him say this, the Lord brought Esther to my attention. Just as King David is a foreshadowing of Christ, Queen Esther is also a foreshadowing. Esther became a savior to God’s people just as Christ saved us. She stood in the gap between life and death and won. Christ stood in the gap for us and redeemed us from death, hell, and the grave.

Here is a study that I complied on the topic:

These are male foreshadows of Christ that are typically referred to.


Here are Biblical references of instances where God used either women or female animals to illustrate Himself.


There are many women used by God mightily throughout Scripture. If a woman can be used as a vessel, she can also be used to illustrate a foreshadowing of Christ.


There is much symbolism in Esther’s life that foretells of Christ.


I hope you enjoyed this study 🙂

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  1. Yes, Esther went in before the king willing to sacrifice her life for her people. Thankfully, unlike Jesus, she didn’t have to die for their salvation. 🙂
    I enjoyed this greatly!

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