Leaders in German Church Deny the Deity of Christ

adult-art-berlin-234315I have been very disturbed by the things I have been hearing lately coming out of the churches of Europe. “Germany was the birthplace of the Reformation and was once a base for world missions. But much of Germany today is covered by a profound spiritual darkness […]”  Source

The Archbishop of Freiburg, Robert Zollitsch,  who headed the Catholic bishops’ conference of Germany in 2009 stated that the death of Christ was not a redemptive act. Zollitsch said in his own words that Christ “did not die for the sins of the people as if God had provided a sacrificial offering, like a scapegoat.”

“Instead, Jesus had offered only ‘solidarity’ with the poor and suffering. Zollitsch said ‘that is this great perspective, this tremendous solidarity.’ The interviewer asked, ‘You would now no longer describe it in such a way that God gave his own son, because we humans were so sinful? You would no longer describe it like this?’

Monsignor Zollitsch responded, ‘No.’

Archbishop Robert Zollitsch was appointed to the See of Freiburg im Breisgau in 2003 under Pope John Paul II. He is he sitting Chairman of the German Episcopal Conference, to which he was elected in 2008 and is regarded as a ‘liberal’ in the German episcopate.”


This is just one of many examples of people who are unsaved gaining positions of authority in the German church. This is is no way to reflect upon the German people and congregants but rather the false Christians who have gained leadership in the church.

Here is another example:

This is an excerpt taken from cbn.com on Pastor Olaf Latzel of Germany who was brought under investigation for preaching that Jesus is the only way heaven. His fellow pastors claimed that he was not being inclusive enough because he preached that Jesus was the only means of salvation.

“‘I’m only preaching the Gospel in a clear way,” Latzel said. “I think it is my duty to do this preaching in this way for our Lord.’ In his sermons, Latzel cuts no corners. He soft-pedals nothing. To some, he might sound mean when he attacks other religions. But Latzel is standing against what he sees as a spirit of compromise that seems to have swallowed Germany and the German state church. In the process, he has angered the German establishment and even a lot of German pastors. Latzel said the chief battle in the German church today now is over who God is. According to Latzel, some Christian pastors have said ‘Allah and Jesus Christ, the Christian God, is the same god. But if you ask a Muslim, ‘Does your god have a son?’ he would say no!’ he continued. ‘Our (Christian) God has a son; his name is Jesus Christ. So, they are not the same. If you speak out loud and clearly about the truth of the Bible, that there’s only one way to heaven and this way is Jesus Christ, there is only one God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and there is no other god beside Him, then you have a problem,’ he said. ”

Unsaved Pastors?

“Seventy German pastors gathered in Bremen this year to denounce Latzel behind a banner celebrating ‘diversity. ‘The public prosecutor investigated him for hate speech and then cleared him, and the Bremen parliament passed a resolution against him. It was reportedly the first time a German pastor has been condemned by a German parliament since World War II. But far from backing down, Latzel said the real problem is that, in his estimation, most pastors in Germany’s state church have not been born again. ‘I think over 80 percent of the pastors in the national church in Germany are not reborn,’ he said. ‘And that’s a great problem, and because of this, they make their own doctrine. The Bible is the Word of God; it’s our law, chapter by chapter, book by book, sentence by sentence, letter by letter.’ ”

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This incident comes about in light of the recent events pushing a new religion called ‘Chrislam’ which is a hybrid of Christianity, Islam and oftentimes Judaism. This movement denies the deity of Christ and is making moves in Germany. Berlin has just recently constructed a Chrislam temple called ‘The House of One’.  This building will allow Jews, Muslims and Christians to pray in their own separate areas and then come together in a joint interconnected area. Here are the images below:

Floorplan of The House of One


Image result for the house of one in berlin


We need to be praying for Germany and for the German people because there are many who are being deceived. They are forces that are trying to remove Christ from His place of deity and remove His sacrifice from our pulpits.




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